Edu-Lab is a program that acts as a starting point for all participants that provides trainings and a full preparation in vocational and practical skills. Edu-Lab creates interdisciplinary trainings to develop capacities and enhance knowledge in a rapid practice-designed process.


Seedhub believes that mobile learning is powerful on its own; it enhances development and empowers people and communities infinitely. Therefore, we created Edu-Tourism Program to emphasize the idea that traveling is as much about self-improvement and skill-gaining as it is about touring and relaxing; that learning can be fun as much as traveling is, and that learning is not age or sector-oriented.

Centers of Excellence

Seedhub offers Centers of Excellence for individuals as well as for groups where it brings subscribers together with people known for their experience to develop and promote best practices in their areas of responsibility, to provide leadership experiences and to recover skills and knowledge deficit within any organization.

Centers of Excellence

Seedhub provides Business Incubators for any new business idea or project. It fosters the growth of early-staged companies and startups by offering trainings, office spaces and resources to ensure their development and accelerate their success. The support and supervision granted by Seedhub is orchestrated by its extensive experience in incubator management and offered through its vast network of contact. 

Business Incubators
Innovation & Research Lab

Seedhub offers comprehensive research, studies and analysis services for your business through conducting the full process of gathering all information which makes business owners more aware of the market, customers and competitors. Whether for a government department, a big-sized business or a startup project, Seedhub provides in-depth knowledge needed to make the most significant and critical decisions.

Training services

Providing training solutions with the highest standards of quality and excellence that work to empower clients and develop their knowledge and skills in various fields.