Digital Marketing Professional

Training hours
400 JOD
250 JOD
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing


  • Traditional marketing & digital marketing overview
  • Differences between the digital marketing and the social media
  • Digital Marketing Glossary
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Social Media Channels Overview
  • The Formula of Selling Online


  • Digital Marketing Strategy


  • How to build a digital marketing strategy
  • How to align the generic strategy with the management vision
  • How technically we execute the plan
  • What is the “Persona” and how can we build a targeted character
  • How to set our KPI’s
  • How to calculate the ROI


  • Content Marketing
  • What is the content and how important it is
  • When to write green content and when to focus on topical content
  • What is the message we need to deliver to our customers & how


  • (SMM) Social Media – Theorical & Practical

At this stage trainees will understand and apply everything related to SMM starting from the content creation, launching real campaigns with all details and how to analyze the results.

  • Facebook Page Creation / Facebook Ads / Facebook Posting / Facebook Analysis
  • Instagram Account Creation / Ads / Posting stories / Analysis
  • Snapchat Creation / Ads / Posting stories / Analysis
  • Twitter Page Creation / Ads / Posting / Analysis
  • LinkedIn Page Creation / Marketing Solutions / Sales Solutions & LinkedIn sales navigator / Analysis
Course Objectives
  • Introducing trainees to the latest marketing methods through social networks
  • Advanced identification of digital Ads through social networks
  • Work the strategic plan for marketing and promotion through social networks
  • Acquiring the skills and methods of promoting news, information and institutional activities in various social media.
  • Learn how to promote websites using SEO, email marketing
  • Obtain the promotional skills necessary to increase the number of followers of the organization's page in general on all social networks.
  • Acquiring marketing content writing skills.
  • Learn about Google Analytics / Google Ad Sense / Google Ad Word
Target audience

This course is designed for sales, marketing and media professionals; as well as webmasters, web developers, key managers and any business persons with previous experience in digital and social media marketing who are seeking to take their digital skills to the next level.