Conversation Training

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What do we need in order to be able to talk to others and make conversation? 

To be able to conduct conversations we need to understand the basic elements of the language so that we can use them in our production of the language.

we need to know and to be familiar with all the tools that would help us be efficient users of the English language.

How to engage in conversations.

How can you improve your pronunciation?

How stress can change the sentence and the meaning of the words.

How to add more vocabulary to your own dictionary?


Throughout the training we will focus on different topics to help you use the language in your daily life situations

1. Introduction to a small talk

Dialogues on different topics

Formal greetings

Informal greetings

Meeting a friend

Can you say that again?

Weather reports 

Talking about the future

Talking about the past



2. Everyday situations  

Ordering meals

At the doctor’s office

Asking for directions

Calling for help

At the supermarket





3. Activities

What are you good at?

What’s your favorite sport?

Giving your opinion

Giving advice






اهداف البرنامج

Main objective

-To Understand language barriers

-To build up and to increase confidence using English when conducting conversations with others

-To increase student's knowledge of voabulary and idioms revant to particular topics

-To increase students’ knowledge of vocabulary and idioms relevant to particular topics

-To help people practice their English in making small talks and conversations

Target audience

Why are we not talking?

What do you need to be able to conduct a full conversation?

What is a language?

What is your production of the language?

What are the skills that you need to focus on?

How to build up confidence using English in your conversation?

Why do you need to understand grammar?   

How to deal with the four skills of the language?

Highlight the four skills of the language.