General English Training Course Level 2

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150 دينار
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محتوى البرنامج

By the end of Level One students will learn basics about the following areas:


Listening and Reading Activities aiming at Understanding familiar, simple words and simple sentences and phrases used in everyday situations:
Days, dates, months, times, numbers,
Daily routines, habits, sports, interests
Feelings, emotions, health, weather
Jobs, careers, places, countries, nationalities
Food, cooking, meals, streets, directions
Shops and shopping, clothes, appearance
Speaking and Writing (the production of the language)
Students will be able to produce the language in everyday situations: write cards, fill out forms, write short paragraphs introducing themselves, write short paragraphs about family, interests, jobs …etc.
Say short sentences talking about everyday situations. Introducing themselves, talking about their hobbies, family and friends, jobs…etc. conduct short conversations using familiar words and phrases


Students will be able to ask and answer questions using simple words and phrases introduced in the input activities.
Students will be able to use basic grammatical rules: articles, pronouns, regular and irregular nouns and verbs, simple present, adverbs of frequency, simple past, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, countable and uncountable,
اهداف البرنامج

Foundation Level


How to learn the language?

The four skills of the language.

Alphabets and basic phonetics rules

Pronunciation basics

Throughout this foundation training, students will learn:

Functional language used in real life situations

Grammar rules and how to use them to express accurate meanings in different life situations

Vocabulary and functional language

Reading and listening (input) activities

Speaking and Writing (output) activities